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جی ہاں ہم اپنے رجسٹرڈ کسٹمرز کے دیگر آرڈر بھی ڈیلور کرنے کی بھرپور کوشش کرتے ہیں (سروس چارجز لاگو ہیں)-

Service charges will be from RS.50

کسٹم آڈرکے لئے کلک کریں

You can order at okmart.pk by using mobile application or website.

You can pay us by cash on delivery method or by using jazzcash app

Okmart delivers in Alipur city (Alipur City ) and out side of Alipur city like (Chowk Permit, Mudwala,Pholan Shrarif)

You can track your order by sending us message on our numbers or on site tracker system Track My order

Yes there are coupons and vouchers for our customers you can avail on app or website 

Okmart Delivers Custom orders submitted by customers through form at our site or Application 

Just fill the form and get your order delivered .


Feel Free to contact us You can reach us through this contact form.